Boat Storage Tips For The Winter

Malta is a country located in southern Europe. It is a Mediterranean country with some of the best beaches in the world and great boating culture. If you own a boat in Malta, you will need to look for the best boat storage options. Proper storage keeps your boat safe and protects it from the elements. After all, the cold of winter and exposure to the Mediterranean sun for a long period can damage your boat. The good news is that there are many options for storing a boat.

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Where to Store Your Boat

i) Home Storage

If you have enough space on your property, you can store your boat in your garage. If your garage is not big enough, you can keep the boat in your backyard on a trailer. Both options depend on the availability of space outside your property and in your garage. 

ii) Storage Facility

There are two types of storage facilities; outdoor storage facilities and indoor storage facilities. The cheaper option is to secure your boat on a trailer and drive it to a local outdoor boat storage facility. Alternatively, you can use a self storage unit to store your boat, but this may be a little bit more expensive. The beauty of using a self storage unit is that your boat will be safe all the time. It is a more secure option, but comes at an added cost. 

iii) Warehouse Cantilever Storage

Many storage companies have started experimenting with warehouse cantilever systems. This means that boats can be stored vertically as they hang on a cantilever, creating additional storage space below it. 

Boat Storage Tips

1. Outdoor Storage

Whether you're planning to store your boat on a trailer in the outdoors, it is crucial you shrink rap the boat. Before doing this, however, make sure the boat is completely dry to prevent ice damage during winter. Secondly, run antifreeze through the cooling system and add fuel stabilizers into the fuel tank. Remove the battery and fill the tires on your trailer to prevent flats during winter. 

2. Indoor Storage

Whether you'll be storing your boat in your garage, warehouse or storage unit, you must wrap the boat in tarp. This will protect your boat from dust and pests. Be sure to test the battery every month with a trickle charger to ensure it is in good condition. You also need to repair holes in the foundation of the garage to keep rodents away. Using poisoned bait around the garage to kill any rodents is also a good idea. 
When using a self storage or public storage facility, make sure you remove all your valuables. Most facilities require users to drain their fuel tanks to minimize fire hazards. The best thing about storing your boat in a third party storage facility is that you will enjoy 24/7 security because there is usually round the clock patrols and restricted access. Due to intense competition, storage charges have reduced considerably. With a little bit of research, you will be able to find an affordable but secure storage facility.